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There are the stories we tell to the world. And there are the stories that led us there, that remain in our hearts, quietly guarded. Behind the most imaginative and evocative stories are the creative humans leading lives of inspiration, empowerment, and authenticity, often the foundation for bringing such creative storytelling to life. Chasing Artists with XENJA brings to you the stories of these creative beings, whose work can invoke palpable connective emotions to uniting fans around the world to cult followings. 


Join your host XENJA, writer, independent music artist, and creative soul, weekly as she dives behind the scenes of the incredible real-world creatives of today, tomorrow, and yesterday. What journeys led them to where they are now? How have their experiences influenced their creative works? What messages delve beyond the stories they’ve brought to life?


YOU are invited to connect with XENJA and her guests through their courageous and vulnerable storytelling, to encourage the inner light already inside of you to be your guide, and to discover the journey that is right there waiting for you to bring it to life.

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Episode 1 - Irene Rubinsky.png
Episode 2 - Emma Estrada.png
Episode 3 - Jennifer Seifert.png
Episode 4 - Maria Clara Ospina.png
Episode 5 - Mary Snow.png
Episode 6 - Pam Levin.png
Episode 7 - MommyTonk.png
Episode 8 - Anthony Hoang.png
Episode 9 - Heather Keller.png
Episode 10 - Sam Small.png
Episode 11 - Nate Bridges.png
Episode 12 - Peter Gamble.png
Episode 13 - Haven Denson.png
Episode 14 - Tom Bottelsen.png
Episode 15 - Tanya Newbould.png
Episode 16 - Sandra Hsu.png
Episode 17 - Cordelia Facade.png
Episode 18 - Brianne Davis.png
Episode 19 - Ruth Brandt.png
Episode 20 - Phoebe Ouma.png
Episode 21 - Jodie Bentley.png
Episode 22 - Loris Anne Jones Randolph.png
Episode 23 - Meagan Culberson.png
Episode 24 - Charlotte Rigault.png
Episode 25 - Olive von Topp.png
Episode 26 - Christion Ty Edwards.png
Episode 27 - Mookey Van Orden.png
Episode 28 - Cellista.png
Episode 29 - Mike Green.png
Episode 30 - Will Coeur.png
Episode 31 - Sarah Mac.png
Episode 32 - Shaun Chasin.png
Episode 33 - Ian Ruskin.png
Episode 34 - Sarie Gessner.png
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